Letting go of what happened in the past will help create new opportunities for you. The kind of opportunities that are impossible to notice while entertaining your pain.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen, there’s always a way of bouncing back up.

It all starts in your head. It starts and ends with the kind of thoughts you entertain. If you constantly dwell on your unfortunate past and the scars you’re left with you’ll miss out on the good things that are waiting for you.

Renewal begins with making the decision that you’re going to be renewed. It begins with realizing that the kind of transformation needed will only come to life when you take control of your thoughts. Stop entertaining negative thoughts, the ones that make you feel bad or needy.

Ignore thoughts that make you feel inferior, leave you upset about what happened to you in the past, and thoughts that add salt to a healing wound.

How? What do I replace them with?

Positive Thoughts Can Help With The Healing Process

Thinking happy thoughts that are both positive and productive can help with the healing process. Your heart, body, and soul can receive healing if you decide to live a life centered on thinking positively. Find strength by developing a healthy thought process. Instead of thinking of why the most important business deal failed to go through, start thinking about ways of improving your services and marketing skills to land a better deal.

Instead of worrying about why you didn’t pass the exam or the driving test or just missed out on getting your dream job, think about what can be improved for your next time round!

What skills can you develop, will you need to get a job to pay for another crack at the exam or driving test? 

Once you choose to focus on having another go rather, disappointments will not weigh in on you as much as they currently are. 

Here are Five Proven Examples Of Thought Patterns That Lead To Healing

  1. Thoughts of transformation or change.

You can only start experiencing renewal or change by making the choice that you are going to change. Dwelling on thoughts of transformation and imagining yourself as the kind of person you wish to transform into will assist with the healing process.

  1. Thoughts of becoming who you are meant to be.

Replace thoughts such as “I’ll never be able to get over it” with “the pain that I’m experiencing will pass”, or “I’m still standing, there’s still hope.” . Speak renewal to your soul. Meditate, and renew your thought process. Do whatever you need to do to train your mind to acknowledge transform negative thoughts but not to dwell there

3. Thoughts of letting go of your past.

As simple as this may sound, thinking about letting go of your painful experience is an important step of letting go of the hurt that is inside you. It’s the first step towards healing and it is the only step that will give you the courage to start letting go.

  1. Thoughts of offering forgiveness.

Being able to forgive where you have been wronged is a sign of strength and not weakness. It is the only way you can have a clear picture and pathway of who you can become. If the person who has wronged you is not making it easy for you to forgive them, forgive them anyway. If they’re not apologizing for the damage caused, forgive them anyway for it is through forgiveness that we find peace. The kind of peace that becomes apparent on the outside once it occurs on the inside.

  1. Thoughts of forgiving yourself.

If you are failing to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made in the past you will never find peace. Concentrating on the regrets you have will not help you with the healing process. It is when you let go of your past that you will be able to go after your future.

I share the above with you because I have a propensity to get stuck on negative feedback loops that cause me nothing but pain. When left unchecked I begin to feel physically and mentally fatigued, joyless, and eventually numb. My mind is not always my best friend, I’ve practiced all of the above steps many times. They work. Letting go works for me. How long it takes me to remember that fact can vary.

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