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According to the holistic medicine philosophy, one can achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in life.


Assists in the body’s natural healing processes, and develops emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It induces deep relaxation, help people cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress and improve overall wellbeing.

Guided Meditation

Gain a new perspective on stressful situations, build skills to manage your stress, increase self-awareness. reduce negative emotions, increase imagination and creativity, increase patience and tolerance.


Can be an effective tool if you sleepwalk or struggle with falling and staying asleep, suffer with anxiety, chronic pain, want to quit bad habits, support weight loss, increase confidence, eliminate fears & phobias.

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy can be as simple as wearing precious stones and minerals as bracelets and necklaces, placing crystals in the room where you work and sleep.

Resilience Course

Feeling stuck? Not sure what to do next? Check out this comprehensive online 7 module course with 20+ tools & strategies to help you cope when faced with challenge.

1-1 Coaching

With me as your coach, you’ll achieve things that you might have once believed out of reach. My approach is holistic, and tailored to your specific needs. 

Don’t wait to make the shift to a more holistic approach

I like using the analogy of the squeezed balloon because it really highlights how integrated a complete human being is. When you push on one aspect of a person, it impacts all other areas of their life. The balloon analogy also brings home the point that you don’t know which part is more greatly affected. You know that any kind of change in any area will have an effect on a person’s whole system, but some are more impacted than others. Adopting a wholeness lifestyle approach looks at your well-being as a complete system. It doesn’t slice and dice you like traditional Western medicine. It doesn’t just deal with your psychiatric mood or biochemical state. Instead, it fires on all cylinders at all times.

It looks at the many different heaps that make up who you are. These then flow together and lead to a more comprehensive and sustainable set of changes. Just as importantly, a lot of this is internal. In fact, changing your assumptions and expectations regarding certain parts of your life could have a tremendous impact on your physical health, the kind of work you do, and your overall stress levels.

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