You’ve already made it past the first step:

… recognising the fact that you require a coach. You’ve searched and searched and searched and, oh, hello! You’ve made it to me! Now there’s probably a few reasons why you’ve begun this hunt for a personal coach. Walk with me a little here.

Has life for you:
– reached a standstill?
– reached a point where you’re lacking motivation?
– reached a setback or 10 that you just can’t seem to shake?
– reached a fork in the road where you’re not enjoying life as much as you could be?

Great, well not ‘great’, but these are things I have devoted my time and resources in to help people out of this seemingly endless list of worries and regrets that life kept throwing at them. Working with me will permanently close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I give you the tools to drastically improve your life; to get you to a place where you’re able to just sit down and breathe in the fresh air of a contented laundry list of things to do that day.

Be happy – check.
Relax – check.
Enjoy the little things in life CHECK.

You’ve come to my page because you are discontent with a particular aspect of your life. I’m not going to tell you what it is you’re dissatisfied with, but it could be any of the following: your relationships, career or even your general happiness. I can help you. 

Your goal is to be satisfied with a new path you’re willing to forge for yourself. My goal is to give you the fire to smelt the iron chains down into new steel. Imagine the things you could create, the things you could achieve, if you had someone 100% committed to your success and spurring you on every step of the way?

My name is Sam Hudson,  your new personal life coach and I specialise in helping the stuck get unstuck, the lost found and the confused clear. I achieve this by working structured or tailored packages into your daily life and ensure you have the tools to go ahead and succeed on your path of personal development.

Next Steps



Let’s Talk.

You’ll have plenty of time to share more about what you’re struggling with and we’ll get a feel for whether I’m the coach for you. This call is complimentary.


Let’s Choose

If you decide to continue then we will talk through your options. A day, a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year! Tailor-made and structured programs available. 


Let’s Go!

The next step is to schedule your first session!