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Success Stories

Sam is a caring and compassionate coach who has been so helpful. She has inspired me to get back on track with my career goal. A great listener and very approachable. Thank you very much for an excellent professional service. I would highly recommend Sam’s coaching service to everyone.
Lynda Denman

Career Coach, Career Change Academy

I started working with Sam just after I had pulled myself out of a deep dark hole. Out of the hole but stuck in the swamp and feared I would be pulled back down without the strength left to resurface. Now have the knowledge of how to use the tools I have within me. Sam used her insight to work with me in the way I could accept and be comfortable with. NEVER once assumed how I thought or felt, which was so important to me. She listened and did put forth ideas but she walked along with me, at my side, encouraging not leading. No judgement of any sort, and believe me I ranted with no filters at times. Life has not become magical, but I now feel empowered. Don’t have control of everything, do have control of how I deal. Added bonus, I like and accept myself in a way I never have before. Sam helped me see that I didn’t need to be on guard all the time. I am and will continue to be bloody okay! Thank you Sam, for working with me, allowing me to share myself and for sharing yourself with me. Hiring Sam as my life coach was the best move I could have made.
Cheri Hansen Carter

Sam is indeed a great coach, her coaching helped me a lot in my professional life and personal life and uplifting my career growth. She has a profound knowledge of her field, soft skills and a great positive attitude. I recommend everybody for Sam’s coaching,
Digant Bhatt

Area Sales Manager, Nextgen Healthcare Ltd